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CNBM attends Seminar for Chinese Enterprises in Croatia

Source: CNBM Engineering

Date: Jan 5, 2016

To better employ the important role of Chinese institutions and enterprisesin promoting the economic and trade relations among China, Croatia and its neighboring countries in Central and Eastern Europe, promote the stable, continuous and healthy development of their economies, and strengthen contacts with Croatian institutions, the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Chinese Embassy in Croatia held a seminar for Chinese enterprises in Croatia on December 29, 2015. Commercial Counselor Liu Kai chaired the seminar. Ambassador Deng Ying and Political Counselor Zhao Deyong attended the seminar. Among the eight enterprises present were CNBM, Huawei, ZTE, Sinohydro and Shandong High-speed Group. CNBM International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNBM Engineering) attended the seminar on behalf of CNBM. At the seminar, the representatives of the Chinese enterprises reported their production and operations in Croatia and its neighboring countries in Central and Eastern Europe in 2015, as well as their work plans for 2016. Deng, Zhao and Liu listened to their reports carefully and offered constructive opinions.

Deng introduced the latest political and economic situation of Croatia and the bilateral relations between China and Croatia. After listening to the enterprise representatives' speeches, she noted that there is a solid foundation, good conditions and a broad prospect for the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. She expected Chinese enterprises to actively develop the Croatian market via four platforms: "One Belt, One Road", China-Europe cooperation, "16+1 cooperation" and China-Croatia bilateral cooperation. She required that Chinese enterprises should cement communication and work together to jointly establish good image; and should further enhance safety awareness and pay attention to work safety. She pledged that the embassy would employ its role of bridge to fully support the Chinese enterprises in Croatia in developing the local market.

She noted that the project of Port of Ploce in Croatia implemented by CNBM Engineering is CNBM's first real European project, which has made great progress with the concerted efforts of relevant sides and been recognized by the owner and the local government. She required that CNBM should continue to deep its operations in Croatia, strengthen business connection with this port and other ports in Croatia, and popularize its concept of industrial park construction throughout Europe. CNBM's concept of industrial park drew wide attention and earned unanimous praise from the representatives from enterprises and institutions. CNBM will seize the opportunity to further cement industrial exchanges and deepen cooperation with the European market.



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