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A Team Led by Song Zhiping Attends the 21st UN Climate Change Conference

Source: CNBM

Date: December 11, 2015

Attracting worldwide attention, the 21st UN Climate Change Conference was successfully held in Paris from Nov 30 to Dec 11. The state president Xi Jinping attended the conference, and discussed combating climate change, the matter of vital importance, with leaders from more than 150 countries. Song Zhiping (president of CNBM) led a team to attend, and made a speech at 3 important side events on invitation.  Depending on the excellent achievements made in energy saving, emission reduction and low-carbon industry building, CNBM was awarded “Today’s Innovative Change” at the conference, which made CNBM the first Chinese enterprise winning the award.

Song made a speech at the “Side Event on Path of Carbon Market Building in China” and the “Side Event on Low-carbon Actions of Chinese Enterprises” sponsored by Climate Change Combating Department of NDRC as well as the “Side Event on Advocating Low-carbon Technology Cooperation” sponsored by World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Based on the CNBM’s experience in energy saving and emission reduction, he stated the unremitted efforts made by the group in building low-carbon green industries and implementing the blue sky plan from the prospective of upgrading production processes, innovating energy management and promoting international cooperation based on OBAOR, and emphasized the importance and necessity of morality-based operation of enterprise. In the speeches, Song explained profound theories with detailed data. The topics of internet + energy, 5.0 green town, renewable energy innovation, sustainable development of cement and carbon emission reduction by 34 million tons attracted worldwide specialists, experts and entrepreneurs. In particular, the undertaking that CNBM will get involved and take lead in carbon market building with the most positive attitude drew the loudest applause. 

During the side events, Song had a cordial talk with Xie Zhenhua, the China’s special representative of combating climate change. Xie highly praised the great efforts and outstanding achievements made by CNBM in carbon emission reduction.  He wished that CNBM would make greater achievements in future building of carbon industry, and set a favorable example in the process carbon market building in China.  After the speeches, Song was specially interviewed by CCTV2. In the interview, he introduced the CNBM’s experience and vision from the aspects of significance of attending the conference and measures for combating climate change. 

The presence of the team and award of “Today’s Innovative Change” to CNBM revealed the efforts made by the group in energy saving, emission reduction and climate change combating, expressed the CNBM’s determination in proactively getting involved in carbon market building, and significantly improved international influence and reputation of the group and the China’s building materials industry. They will be bound to play an important role in guiding China’s building materials enterprises to take the road of low carbon and environmental friendliness. 


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