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Song Zhiping Attends Conference of Chinese and African Entrepreneurs

Source: CNBM

Date: December 7, 2015

At the time when Xi Jinping visited South Africa and attended Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, in the afternoon of Dec 3, Song Zhiping attended High-Level Dialogue between Chinese-African Leaders and Business Communities and the 5th Conference of Chinese and African Entrepreneurs, which was held in Johannesburg, on invitation, and made a speech there. 

With a view to the theme of transforming the mode of investment in Africa, Song stated the important internal relations among enhancing cooperation in investment and financing, pushing “go out” of China’s advantageous equipment and promoting the Sino-African capacity cooperation.  Song affirmed the important role of enhancing financial cooperation in “go out” of CNBM, especially in the CNBM’s cooperation with Africa, and expressed the CNBM’s hope of increasing direct investment and further accelerating the investment-driven capacity cooperation based on sustainable projects highly meeting demands of African countries in the future. As said by Song, in the future, CNBM will establish localized equipment manufacturing bases and building material processing parks in Africa, expand the businesses of new energy and new-type housing, and widen the channels of and deepen cooperation with financial institutions and investment funds. By this, the group will play both the roles of investment absorber and investment operator, and make more important contributions to economic and trade links and capacity cooperation between China and Africa.

Already held by 5 sessions as yet, Conference of Chinese and African Entrepreneurs is an important platform for communication among and unveiling important policies by Chinese and African enterprises. In the context of OBAOR and international capacity cooperation, the 5th conference was of higher significance.

China-Africa Equipment Manufacturing Industry Exhibition was held simultaneously with Forum on China-Africa Cooperation to exhibit the most advanced technologies and equipment from China’s major industries.  As the only representative of the building materials industry taking part in the exhibition on invitation, CNBM exhibited internationally advanced equipment from the fields of cement, glass, pre-fab housing and light industry machinery. The exhibits attracted broad attention of visitors, and made satisfactory effects of publicity and exhibition.  The CNBM’s booth was visited by presidents and officials from multiple African countries. 

At the forum, Song witnessed signing of a cooperative agreement between CTIEC and a South African enterprise. The agreement referred to one 600t/d float glass line, two 600t/d solar glass lines, one 5,000t/d cement line and a few PV power stations (total scale: 4GW).  The total project investment involved was as high as USD 2.5 billion, which laid an important foundation for expanding overseas business and enhancing capacity cooperation with Africa by CNBM.


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